Playing the game

Read the extended rulebook in PDF format.

Basic Rules:

The game starts by placing you and your opponent's Orbs on the battlefield.

A turn happens for both players simultaneously.

Start a turn by drawing 5 cards. When the turn ends, discarding your hand.

Starting a turn

There are 3 phases: Build, Fight and Harvest

Build phase: when you pay for cards to add to the board.
Fight phase: when you attack or defend your board.
Harvest phase: when you collect the ressources of the cards on the board.

Card Attributes

Accumulate ressources in your Reserve until you have enough to play more cards or transform your Orb.

Your Reserve

When a card executes an action, it becomes Exhausted (turned on its side).
Cards that are Exhausted cannot harvest at the end of the turn.

Exhausted Cards

Transform your Reaper!

The goal is to be able to pay for your Orb's Transform ability and flip the card.

Once transformed, your Reaper can destroy the opposing Reaper to win the game.

You can also worship your Reaper five times to win the game.

Cards Abilities:

The cards have abilities. Pay attention to the text on a card since it can change how the card behaves.

Card Abilities

Some cards of the current season are shared.
When the season ends, you will no longer have access to these card (unless you own copies of them).
Cards of the new season will then be shared, allowing you to create new decks!

Let the epic battles begin!

Build a 50 card deck:

Pick 1 double-sided Reaper card from your collection.
The Orb will harvest the ressources in the lower-right corner each turn.

Reaper Card

Carefully select the other 49 cards of your deck, trying to match your Orb's ressources and colors.
Ideally, you would try to find cards with the lowest Build cost, and with the highest Harvest.
The card's power is important when attacking or defending against your opponent's army.

Deck Builder

For more information:

Read the extended rulebook in PDF format.

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