The Battlefield:

The game starts by placing both player’s Orb onto the battlefield.
A turn goes through each phases alternating between both players.
Start a turn by drawing 6 cards from your 50 card deck, and end the turn by discarding your hand.

Starting a turn


There are 3 main phases: Build, Fight (Attack/Defense), and Harvest
You can also use Action cards between phases.
You can keep track of the current phase with the Phase Tracker.

Phase Tracker

Build phase: when you pay for cards to add to the board.
Fight phase: when you attack or defend your board.
Harvest phase: when you collect the resources of the cards on the board.

Card Attributes


The resource color depict a realm to orient your deck towards:

Gold (Generic Colorless)
Black (Abyss)
Blue (Machines)
Red (Biologic)
Yellow (Energy)
Pink (Space)


(A colored resource can be used to pay for Gold, but not the other way around.)


Accumulate resources in your Reserve until you can play more cards or transform your Orb.
Your Orb is a steady source of resources, but gain advantage playing more cards onto the battlefield.
You should carefully balance between spending and hoarding resources.



The goal of the game is to pay to Transform your Orb into a Reaper.
Once a Reaper is on the board, it is a ticking timebomb until the end of the game.
Break your opponent’s Orb, beat your opponent to death or Worship your Reaper 5 times to win the game.

Orbs transform into Reapers


There are several types of abilities: Activated, Executed, Keyword, Equip, Inherited, etc.
We hope the description is as clear as possible, but we might revise some wording as the game evolves.


When a card executes an action, it might become Exhausted (turned onto its side) until end of turn. A Card that is Exhausted cannot attack, block, harvest or activate more abilities.

To learn more about key words, you can click the info button next to a card.

Card Info


There are several types of cards:


Orbs: A steady source of resource. Transform it into your Reaper for an epic battle.
Reapers: The flip side of an Orb. This demi-god can win you the game in many ways.
Allies: The souls you can pay to come work for you.
Constructs: The buildings you can add in your settlement to boost your strategy.
Equipments: Cards that you can equip to other cards for added effects.
Modifiers: Cards that you can place under other cards for an upgrade or downgrade effect.
Battlefield Modifiers: A special type of modifiers used to modify the state of the entire board for both players.
Actions: Instantly executed actions used as trick shots to give you an advantage or slowdown your opponent.
Items: Single-use free cards that are removed from the game once used.

Let the epic battles begin!

All cards of the current season are shared.
When the season ends, you will no longer have access to these cards (unless you own copies of them).
For the next season, new cards will then be shared, allowing you to create new decks!

Build a 50 card deck:

Pick 1 double-sided Reaper card from your collection.
The Orb will harvest the resources in the lower-right corner each turn, so make sure to build your deck around that.

A Full Deck

Carefully select the other 49 cards of your deck, trying to combine powerful cards of the good color.
Ideally, you would try to find cards with the lowest Build cost, and with the highest Harvest.
The card’s power is important when attacking or defending against your opponent’s army, but also to pay for activated abilities.

Deck Builder

In-depth Rules:

Read the extended rulebook in PDF format.